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Dietary counseling  - weight loss Orlando

The food industry excels in convincing us how tasty and nutritious their foods are. Today we are more than anytime before exposed to uncountable food choices of all textures and flavors which are available right away at extremely affordable prices. Lured by an eye-catching packaging and irresistible taste many of the processed foods offered on the market became a part of our daily diet. This often leads us to make bad dietary choices and as a consequence - to overeating. Work, stress, sedentary lifestyle and an insufficient sport routine combined with overeating is an easy recipe for unintentional but highly effective weight gain. We may be overeating without even realizing it - it’s not only the quantity of the consumed food that matters. It is first and foremost the quality and the type of calories we consume that “shape” our bodies.

Weight loss - including Orlando weight loss - is a challenging process, with ‘process’ being a key word here. It’s not something you can do two or three times a year and hope for great results. It’s not about binging for months and trying to make up for it with a new-aged diet you found online, which promises amazing and magical results. If you wish to lose weight effectively and permanently, without the dreaded yo-yo effect, you have to realise that it isn’t about eating or not eating certain foods for the time being - but rather a lifelong commitment to prioritize your health and well-being. At Medica Vita we always tell our patients, that whole process it is about designing a lifestyle that combines eating healthy and staying in good shape with the use of enjoyable and consistent exercise. Our Orlando weight loss programs are designed to be effective but safe with their results lasting for life. We will show you how, by making just a few changes in your lifestyle you can help yourself live a longer and happier life.

The objective of this service - Weight loss in Orlando is to help and guide you towards adapting the right type of dietary pattern specifically suitable for you. The aim is to initially tackle any existing problem with your diet and lifestyle, and subsequently, lead you to adapt the right diet permanently - as a way of life that suits your individual nutritional needs and feels right for you. The process of weight loss - including weight loss in Orlando - is achieved in a slow, gradual way so that it is easy to adhere and can be sustained for the long run without bouncing back to the same problem again.

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